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Tour Itinerary

Bandcall with "Fine Arts Brass" - 3rd April

Practice with "Fine Arts Brass" - 3rd April

Alwena at the piano for the St Davids Hall Practice - 6th April

Geoff, Nigel, Don and Dulyn "hum along" to
the Fine Arts Brass Practice

Roy Noble presenting the "Encore Platinum Disk"
onstage at St Davids Hall - 6th April

Owen Roberts at the Bridgewater Hall Practice

Bridgewater Hall Manchester - 11th April

The "Tour Crew" packing it all away ready for the next show

The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall - 13th April

Practice at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall - 13 April

Steve, Colin and Wiktor "Stage Left" in Glasgow

Fine Arts Brass

A" Full House" at the Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre 20th April

The "Lads" front of house in Bournemouth

"On Stage" at the Bournemouth Pavilion

Pavilion Theatre Rhyl - 29th April

Backstage at Rhyl

On Stage at the Rhyl Pavilion Theatre

Will Martin and Ann Atkinson
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Allan, Rob, Mark and Wiktor at Corley Services - 3rd of May

Practice at the Ipswich Regent with Bryan Evans - 3rd of May

Angela Whelan

Mark and Dave
at the Ipswich Regent - 3rd of May

Practice at the Gateshead Sage - 9th May

Neil, Phil and Colin "Front of House" at the Sage

Tyne Bridge from the Sage

A "Full House" at the Gateshead Sage - 9th May

Birmingham Symphony Hall - 16th May

Practice at the Symphony Hall

Steve, Dave and Dulyn

Tour Compere Richard Wilford

Will Martin at the Piano

The Royal Festival Hall London - 18th of May

The Royal Festival Hall Stage

4 Basses Backstage

Afterglow in the Royal Festival Hall

Mark & Debbie

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The view from the Choir's Hotel by St Katharine Dock

The Tower of London

Tour of the Tower organised by Mark Powell

Preston Guildhall - 24th May

Rolly and Ken

Gill and Ann at the "Sales Table"

"Knocking on the Door" of the "Dingy 'otel",
at the final "Afterglow" of the Tour.

Will Martin at the end of his "Encore Tour" with the Fron Choir.