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Choir Logo available as a high resolution .jpg
and high resolution .gif with transparent background. 2MB

Choir information in Word and PDF format. 12.9KB

Two Photographs to choose from plus CV
in Word and PDF format 4.13MB

Photograph plus CV
in Word and PDF format. 2.62MB

4500 by 2798 pixels 6.2MB

4500 by 2994 pixels 8.4MB

7500 by 2748 pixels 9.1MB

7500 by 2824 pixels 10.2MB

4500 by 3375 pixels 5.88MB

7500 by 3043 pixels 9.82MB

4500 by 3004 pixels 7.2MB

4500 by 2994 pixels 4.46MB

4500 by 3375 pixels 5.03MB

4500 by 3070 pixels 6.4MB

4500 by 2738 pixels 6.4MB

4500 by 3279 pixels 7.64MB

4500 by 2071 pixels 4.7MB