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You will find more information about the choir and its illustrious history here.

We hope that once the world has settled down again you might be able to visit us. Keep an eye on the site to see when rehearsal re-start. You would be most welcome to join us on a Monday or Thursday evening. 




Our NEW CHART-TOPPING* album is out now

VoV Echoes cover final.pngDuring August 2019 we spent a lot of time in The Forge Recording Studio, Oswestry, where we recorded all the previous Voices of the Valley albums.​​​​​The production team, producer Jon Cohen, engineer Al Unsworth and studio owner Phil Beaumont, along with our wonderful music team, Leigh, Jason and Owen worked tirelessly with the boys of the choir over long days and nights to complete the recording of the vocal lines. Jon scored, recorded the backing tracks and mastered the album during lockdown and we are delighted our record company, Silva Screen, has set a launch in time for St. David's Day, Friday 26th February 2021 – please keep your eyes peeled for social media updates and also make sure you follow the link below to sign up to our monthly newsletter for updates.

We are very proud that VOICES OF THE VALLEY - ECHOES carries on the standard and values of the previous five recordings in the Voices of the Valley series. It is full of songs audience favourites from our concert repertoire plus a couple of new songs. For full track listings and to order your copy please visit the Recordings section of our shop.

We hope you will enjoy it as much as we did making it and thank you for your support for this album would not have been possible without it.


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*Friday 5th March 2021 - VOICES OF THE VALLEY -ECHOES enters the Classical Artist & the Classical Combined Charts at No.1


Our new album has received a wonderful review in the 4th June 2021 edition of the

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Susan Gray hears the Fron Male Voice Choir . . .

VOICES OF THE VALLEY- ECHOES blends the sacred with the popular, a style rooted in medieval Welsh bards’ rallying mix of music and poetry.

Moving seamlessly between West Side Story and Les Misérables to classics of Welsh Nonconformity, O Iesu Mawr and Llanfair, Echoes’ track list and choral treatment reinforces the music’s commonality. Spiritual aspects of the big numbers’ lyrics shine through: in “Maria” — “Say it soft, and it’s almost like praying” — and “Hear my prayer” from Les Misérables.

Llanfair . . . builds up skilfully to a full final section: not speaking Welsh is no barrier to being transported by the hymn.

Spaséniye Sodelal, “Salvation is created”, written in 1912, and performed unaccompanied, is one of the strongest works, capturing the depth and longing of the hymn.

. . . the final track, Tydi A Roddaist (“Thou Gavest”), with silence separating Thomas Rowland Hughes’s Welsh poem, set to music by Arwel Hughes in 1938, from the Closing Prayer sung in English. The pause gives the feeling of a live performance, and conversation between the strings and the soaring keyboards at the end pulls us into the emotion.

Read the full review here.


The Virtual Fron

Whilst in lockdown we have produced a series of 'At Home With The Fron' virtual, video concerts and some virtual choir pieces. 

At home with . . . St Davids Day 2021 Ad.png At home with . . . BRING HIM HOME.gif And So It Goes ad #2 RW.png Merry Chirstmas ad (1) (1).gif At home with . . . REMEMBRNCE DAY 2020.gif At home with . . . Intro ANTHEM.png Gwahoddiad.png

There are many video concerts on our YouTube channel. please pop along and see for yourself . . . and don't forget to Like, Subscribe and hit the Bell icon to see our next video


Please pop along to our Merchandise page to see our new Froncysyllte Male Voice Choir pens - the ideal present for those who cannot spell Froncysyllte - our lovely Fron Cufflinks, a wonderful gift for every smart gent, and the very fashionable, face coverings . . .