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Ken Benbow 2019 Web.jpgKen Benbow

GlynDavies.jpgGlyn Davies

I am a retired Electrician / Electrical Fitter who joined the Fron in  1971 as I wanted to sing in a better choir than the one I was in. My first concert was at the De Havilland factory in Deeside (now Airbus) alongside the great Foden Brass Band.
In my years with the choir my favourite place to sing is the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver, Canada, where we sang whilst on tour there last century!
Being the very first Welsh choir to win the Male Voice Competition at the Llangollen International Eisteddfod is my favourite performance! We were conducted by a young John Daniels. It was in 1977, the same year we won ‘The Double’ by also coming first in the National Eisteddfod when it was held in Wrexham.
Singing in the choir is wonderful but make sure your wife / partner is on board!

BarryFoulks.jpgBarry Foulks

I started singing in the school chapel choir when I was boarder at King Edward’s School in Witley, Surrey from the age of 10.
I have had various jobs including working at Rolls Royce aeroengines in Shrewsbury, as a builder, working on the big bridge on the A5 Chirk by-pass but retired as a machine operator at Burbidges in Chirk. At that time I was singing with Llangollen Male Voice choir but the membership dwindled to just nine men so I thought it was time to make a change and so joined the Fron in about 2002 and sang my first concert with the Choir in Blackburn.
My favourite venue is The Sage in Gateshead where the choir performed on our tour of the U.K. to promote the albums we made with Universal Music and my favourite performance was singing with the Three Welsh Tenors at the William Aston Hall, Wrexham in November 2017.
Came and join us - you’ll meet new people, make new friends and enjoy yourself.

KeithGrose.jpgKeith Grose

I became a member of the Fron in February 2016 after I watched the choir in a concert in Llangollen, truly enjoyed the performance so decided to give it a go.
My first performance was St. George’s Hall in Liverpool with the Charity Choir formed to raise funds for the battle against Prostate Cancer. It is a great venue but I like all of the venues, so a favourite is difficult to choose.
My favourite performance, however, is winning the Male Voice Competition at the Llangollen International Eisteddfod 2018.
It doesn’t matter what background you come from – I was a Chef - Come along to listen and be amazed, then join and be more amazed!
An interesting fact . . . Being a travelling chef able to visit and ride upon the Steam Preservation Lines – this is my second hobby after the Choir.

David-Hamlington.pngDavid Hamlington

I am a machine operator for Kellogg in Wrexham. I lived in South Africa as a child but my mother and father were always playing Welsh Choir music - my father had recordings of the Fron in his CD collection - so I sort of grew up with the choir.
I joined the choir in April 2018 but due to a knee operation which took some time to recover from I did not actually make my first appearance until 23rd March 2019 when we sang at St. Alkmund’s Church in Whitchurch for the local Rotary Club. It was a wonderful evening but we later sang in the splendid ballroom of the magnificent Stockport Town Hall which is both my current favourite venue and performance. I am sure this may change as I go along.
Do come along to a practice night for a listen and to meet the choir. That’s what I did . . .

ColinJonesB1.jpgColin Jones

I became a member of the Fron in 2016 after singing in the Charity choir, encouraged by family. My first performance was as part of the Wrexham Charity Choir concert, with the Fron choir in May 2016. The first time I stood on stage as part of the Fron was at Tern Hill in December of that year.
My favourite venue is Vienna Cathedral where we sang during our tour of Austria in 2018 but my favourite performance was winning the Male Voice Competition at Llangollen in 2018.
I work in agriculture, so hours can be awkward, but I would encourage anyone to join - you will meet like-minded people who love to sing and drink beer.
An interesting fact . . . I have a passion for motorbikes 

PaulJones.jpgPaul Jones

I joined the choir in July 2014 as I’ve always enjoyed music and was invited to a rehearsal by my friend Paul Owens from the 2nd Tenor section and it allows me to escape from the wife (Ha ha! NO! Seriously - I’m only joking )
My first performance was at the Christmas concert at Holy Trinity Church, Oswestry with Porthywaen Band
My favourite venue is, without doubt, the New Vic Theatre, Newcastle-under-Lyme. I love the venue and its great atmosphere, but my favourite performance was at The Williams Aston Hall, Glyndwr University with the Three Tenors 2017 – awesome show!!! What a night!
I was a creamery worker for 30 years, worked for Dairy Crest, then for the First Milk Cheese Company
I would say to anyone thinking of joining: Give it a go! You never know, you might even enjoy it and you gain an extended family. Come and join your Brothers in Song – you won’t regret it . . .
An interesting fact . . . I recorded a CD at Sun Studios in Memphis, USA. The CD was an Elvis track called ‘Little Sister’ and I actually had Elvis’ recording engineer ( Sorry, not very interesting – but true)

RodMarch.jpgRod March

I joined the Fron in 2010 as the choir I then sang with was folding and I wanted to sing with a good choir. My first performance was at the St Francis of Assisi's Church, Bournville later that year.
I think my favourite venue to sing in has to be the New Vic Theatre in Newcastle-under-Lyme, but my favourite performance was the sell-out concert with the Three Welsh Tenors at the William Aston Hall, Wrexham in 2017.
If you think you might be interested in joining us do come along – it’s a great hobby.
Before I retired I was a CT scanner and IT technician and, whilst visiting the Science Museum in London, I came across a CT scanner I installed in the 1970s, just behind a giant dinosaur.

DavePreston.jpgDavid Preston

I first joined the choir in 1977 and am lucky to be one of the fortunate group of choristers to have won the Male Voice Competition on three separate occasions at Llangollen International Eisteddfod.
My favourite venues have been cathedrals, such as Maastricht, Milwaukee, Llandaff and Liverpool.
Highlights are all the memorable competition wins, both at home and abroad, including Athens and Malta. 
I am one of several to have proudly been in the choir over the years with a Dad also in the ranks.

MikeRichards.jpgMike Richards

I work for Wrexham Environmental and I joined the choir in January 2018. It was a new challenge for me. I love singing and enjoy being a part of this choir.
My first performance was at a wedding at The Albright Hussey Manor Hotel, June 2018
My favourite venue so far is the Llangollen International Eisteddfod and my favourite performance was winning there in 2018
I would say to any prospective member that singing in the choir is very enjoyable. You go to different places and meet lots of new people.

DennisWilliams.jpgDennis Williams

Before I retired I was an Engineer and held various managerial positions in the chemical industry and was also a technical college lecturer.
I joined the Fron when it was founded in August 1947 - I was a member of the youth club Choir, our leader took us all to the first meeting of the Fron Choir.
The Choir made its first public appearance in November 1947 at the St David’s Church Armistice service where we sang Laudamus.
We have sung at the Royal Albert Hall in London many times. I feel it has a special atmosphere.
We were sent to perform at the opening of Expo 86 in Vancouver. A highlight for me was singing in an amphitheatre overlooking the harbour and the beautiful city.
Singing is good for your health whilst also bringing joy and friendships.
An interesting fact . . . When I was a young boy living in the Aqueduct pub, my great uncle Billy Meredith, the famous Welsh International Footballer, visited the family. He presented me with a small football. I was delighted and gave it one kick and it disappeared into a nearby wood. It has never been seen again . . . mother was not best pleased!

1st Bass Voice RepRon Wilkinson

I’ve been a member of the Fron March 2009, after I retired as a Major from the Army. I love singing and that was my first real opportunity since I was head boy chorister in my home church!! Merchant Navy and Army careers gave little opportunity.
My first performance was with Ann Atkinson in October 2009. Can’t remember the venue . . . but my favourite venue is the New Vic Theatre, Stoke
To anyone expressing enjoyment of singing, come along to a practice, take a simple voice test and join a good crowd of guys enjoying a common interest.
I was very lucky to join a top choir, proven by the very high standard of performance, resulting in great popularity and world sales of CDs.