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1st Tenor Voice Rep Geoff Davies

I joined the choir initially in 1970 but left in 1990, returning in 2007. Singing has been a part of my life - it started from singing in chapel, then Eisteddfodau, as a soloist and in a choir, it was a natural progression.
I cannot recall my first performance with the Fron – it is too far back. My favourite venue is probably the Royal Albert Hall in London where we’ve song quite a few times. My favourite performance was our recent win at the Llangollen International Eisteddfod (my third time with the Fron), that and the Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto.
Joining the choir is one of the best things I’ve ever done. You are surrounded by lads who become mates, you have a chance to travel, and you are always learning new music, and it also improves your self-confidence.
I have been retired for 16 years from my job as an Electrical Inspector at a local Chemical Factory, now closed.
An interesting fact . . . I was one in the first hundred babies born in Wales at the start of the National Health Service in 1948.

Assistant TreasurerTudor Evans
I am a farmer who has always enjoyed singing and I joined the Fron in 1980/81 to sing under the baton of John Daniel. My first performance was in Ellesmere in 1981.
I always enjoy the annual Christmas concert we give at the New Vic Theatre, Newcastle-under-Lyme but my favourite performance was in the Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto, Ontario, during the Choir’s tour of Canada in 2000.
If you enjoy singing, join a male voice choir – you will never regret it!

BerwynJones.jpgBerwyn Jones

I was an Industrial Security Manager and I have always loved singing. The Fron Choir sang at my daughter’s wedding, so I  joined in April 2003. My first performance was at the Male Voice Choir competition at The Llangollen International Eisteddfod.
The Symphony Hall, Birmingham is my favourite performance, but my favourite venue is the Sage Theatre, Gateshead.
Being in the Fron is a big commitment but it is wonderful to sing in so many different venues in the U.K. and abroad. The social side is also wonderful and besides, singing is proven to be good for your health!

Concert SecerataryCyril Jones

I joined the choir in 1987 as I had always wanted to be a member of a big male voice choir  
My first performance was at the New Vic Theatre, Stoke but my favourite venue has to be The Albert Hall.
I am a retired Police Officer and being a choir member is a wonderful pastime.
It is a great brotherhood and you get to sing in some wonderful venues and go on some great trips.
My favourite performance was at The Tower of London with Leslie Garrett 
I was able to meet Bryn Terfel and be involved with the choir on his TV programme.

CompereDavid Jones

I joined the choir in the Spring of 1996. Male voice singing is in my bones. My father was a member of this choir and his father was a deputy conductor of Cefn choir and an adjudicator at Eisteddfodau. 
My first performance was at the Llangollen International Eisteddfod, but my favourite venue is the New Vic Theatre, Newcastle-under-Lyme. 
If I was asked to name my favourite performance it would have to be Milwaukee Cathedral. U.S.A  
I was a Senior Officer in the Prison Service for nearly forty years, and at the height of our recording success I was dubbed “The Celebrity Screw” 
I would tell any prospective member of the choir to come along and give it a go. Singing lifts your soul and you become part of a brotherhood in song .
I have sung most forms of music from being in a Rock Band, a Barbershop Octet and this wonderful choir.

DylanMoss.jpgDulyn Moss

I am a retired Police Sergeant and joined the Fron in 1988 when the Wrexham Police Choir disbanded and out of respect for John Daniel who was the Fron M.D. at the time.
My first concert was in December 1988 at the New Vic Theatre, Newcastle-under-Lyme, which to this day remains my favourite venue. My favourite performance was winning the Male Voice Choir competition at Llangollen International Music Eisteddfod followed closely by the annual Christmas concert we have at the New Vic Theatre.
There is no better hobby than singing in the Fron. It brings companionship and relaxation. Do not hesitate in joining any Male or Mixed Voice Choir. It helps the memory in learning new pieces, helps the breathing, and above all the camaradeirie amongst it's members is second to none.


Rogers-Hughes.jpgDavid Rogers-Hughes

The Fron is the fourth male voice choir I have been a member of. I joined my first male voice choir when I was 16 years of age and progressed to the Fron when I retired from dairy farming in September 2007.

My first performance with the Fron was at St Francis’ Church, Bourneville in October 2007.

My favourite venue is the New Vic Theatre, Newcastle-under-Lyme and my favourite performance was singing at

Prince Charles’  60th birthday in November 2008

If you enjoy singing – give the Fron a try!


TreasurerAllan Smith

I joined the Fron in September 1986. One of my neighbours was a member and he pestered me until I went to listen to a concert.  I was bowled over, so I went to a rehearsal and had a chat with John Daniel and a voice test and ended up a first tenor.

My first performance was at a theatre in Lampeter – it was miles from anywhere.

My favourite performance was at Milwaukee Cathedral when we watched the audience faces and, when we started to sing, they suddenly sat up and were spellbound. We walked down the aisle to a standing ovation.

Another favourite was when we went to Holland where we invited to sing at a concert with a large choir called The Maastricht Star with about 120 singers or more. They opened the concert and we were on in the second half. Val Jones gathered us together in the interval and said – they might have over 120 on stage but you’re better than them. By the end of the first song the other choir and the whole audience were on the edge of their seats and at the end of the performance their conductor stood up and pointed out to his choir that we had a marvellous sound, performed without music and sang from the heart!

I was an accountant before I retired and carry on that role as Treasurer of the Fron.

I believe that you could not find a better hobby anywhere! When I moved to Wales I never thought I could be part of the culture but joining the Fron gave me another family. Singing also keeps you fit and active.

Even though I may have a Merseyside accent, I was actually born in Yorkshire and my ashes are going to be scattered in my spiritual home - a place called Lumb Falls near Hebden Bridge where I can look over where I used to go swimming with my mates when, as a family, we would escape back to Yorkshire from the bombing of the docks at Birkenhead in WWII.

Committee MemberGordon Urquhart

I am a pharmacist who works in the pharmaceutical industry in Wrexham.

I joined the choir in 2016 having been dragged along kicking and screaming to the Charity Choir by Roger Williams, our current chairman. I had never sung before and expected to be booted out at the first rehearsal.  I eventually joined the full choir, becoming the second Scotsman in the choir.

My first performance was a concert at Tern Hill, Market Drayton.

My favourite venue so far is St Peter’s Church Vienna in 2018 – a magical experience.  My favourite performance was our winning performance at the Llangollen International Eisteddfod in 2018

Joining the choir has added a new dimension to my life.  I am a life-long cynic, but my life-long cynicism was blown away by the buzz I got after my first public performance. I have always wanted to make music in front of an audience – now I can do it regularly supported and encouraged by fifty-odd talented singers.  But watch out – it’s a highly addictive pastime! 

Interesting fact – I used to be the goalkeeper for The Diplomatic Service F.C..  The dirtiest game I played in was against Buckingham Palace F.C., made up of staff from the palace – what a bunch of thugs!


JonHaddy.jpgJon Haddy